Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog #2: "Davey vs. Goliath"

The general public is quick to place both injury lawyers and insurance adjusters into the same ill category.  Yet, when one of the general public is injured, it results in these two parties battling one another.  One side is trying to get a victim the money owed to him/her from years of paying insurance premiums and the other side is trying to save money for the modern world’s richest conglomerates.  

More realistically – one side is trying to ensure an injured father can collect his insurance to buy his kids’ Christmas gifts while the other side wishes to turn a billion-dollar corporation into a trillion-dollar one. 

            Combining this man versus machine battle with the excruciatingly slow wheels of justice results in injury victims waiting forever for a pay out that does not represent the true dollar value of what they thought they (or the liable party) have been paying premiums for. 

Keep in mind that (1) the injured party is not at fault and (2) they have been under the belief that the insurance they (or the liable party) have been paying premiums for will cover these expenses.

            The best plan of attack when in this situation really is the method in the story of David versus Goliath.  Similar to David who acted quickly with his sling to hit the only unarmored part of his larger opponent; you must get started immediately on your civil action and attack the insurance company’s weakest spot – in this case, the truth of what happened.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blog #1: "Hello."

            I’ve never written a blog before.  I don’t think I’ve even read one.  This idea was pitched to me by my SEO and IT guy to boost my profile on the internet prior to the launching of my website – essentially it’s a business move. 
To prepare I skimmed through a few other PI lawyers’ blogs.  Generally, after the first paragraph I closed the tab.  Why?  Because they are boring, the client receives no information from them and, most importantly, they are just a veiled attempt to seem intellectual when really the lawyer is writing them for the same reason I am – business exposure.
So, similar to the approach that I’m taking with my soon-to-be (?) launched website, I’ve decided to do something completely different from the other P.I. lawyers out there: write something that potential clients can actually understand, doesn’t bore them to the point of exacerbating their current injuries and, most importantly, is real.

Slip but don’t fall,