Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blog #1: "Hello."

            I’ve never written a blog before.  I don’t think I’ve even read one.  This idea was pitched to me by my SEO and IT guy to boost my profile on the internet prior to the launching of my website – essentially it’s a business move. 
To prepare I skimmed through a few other PI lawyers’ blogs.  Generally, after the first paragraph I closed the tab.  Why?  Because they are boring, the client receives no information from them and, most importantly, they are just a veiled attempt to seem intellectual when really the lawyer is writing them for the same reason I am – business exposure.
So, similar to the approach that I’m taking with my soon-to-be (?) launched website, I’ve decided to do something completely different from the other P.I. lawyers out there: write something that potential clients can actually understand, doesn’t bore them to the point of exacerbating their current injuries and, most importantly, is real.

Slip but don’t fall,

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